How @Mailru traeted my report on their program

Hi My name is Ayoub, my Hackerone’s handle @yukusawa18. before I started I had a very nice experience with all other triagers on Mailru, but this time I had bad one.

on this story I’ll describe everything step-by-step about my report on Mailru’s Program and of course I’ll not share any sensitive informations.

  1. I was looking on * subdomains and I found one of their subdomain return with a 500 Internal server ERROR, and leaking a lot of informations because the debug mode was enabled.
  2. January 21, 2021 I submitted a bug to MailRu #1083543 about debug mode was enabled on
the 1st bug submitted to Mailru

3. The report was about an S3 bucket That contains a lot of images, exactly PASSEPORTS; and the NAME of this bucket is : AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME = ‘legium-media’

please note that the S3 bucket contains legium on its name.

4. Feb 2nd, 2021 I was rewareded by 7.5k, informations disclosure.

5. Apr 20th, 2021 the bug is fixed and the S3 credentials are changed very well and I can’t access to the bucket anymore.

After two Months, I decided to re-check the response and the informations founded on the subdomain.

and by accidently I found that there’s also database credentials :

the database credentials found on
  1. the 1st problem I got, where I can find the ip to connect to this database, I looked too much until I found it by reading all js files on :
  2. I found a subdomain on a js file :
as you see on this response there’s

4. doesn’t work, so by accidently delete the number 2, and visit, it worked very well

5. the next move is try to see if the has a 5432 port or not. and to my surprise I found that the port is open.

6. I accessed to the database using psql tool,


  1. I reported the bug June 23, 2021 3:59am.
  2. after hours of my report the team deleted the two subdomains : and as you can see on the screenshot I visited them 1 hour or 2 hour before I reported the bug.
the is still accessible.

3. also I can ACCESS to the admin panel too, but they hide it before the triage so I cannot add an account and access to the admin panel

here I told them that they changed the hide the admin panel.
here I can access to the admin panel a few hours before reporting the bug.


  1. the bug triaged on : june 24, 2021 09:32:30 +01
Kpebetka changed the status to triaged

2. Almost every hacker hacked on @Mailru team knows that 99% of reports if they have a wrong scope, the triager changed it before the triage.

3. after 8 or 9 days, a new triager come and change the scope from EXT.A where * to :

here the triager changed the scope to “acquisitions

4. after that I asked why the scope is changed, I found informations on *

5. the team wanted to punish me more and changed the scope again, Oh for god seek, they don’t know what the scope is until now, after 14 days.

6. MailRu decided that My report isn’t eligible for bounty because the ip was only for testing haha :

the IP is used only for testing

7.I found 325 MB of data on the database exactly on table “case_case” containing a lot of agreements, (testing IP).

8. I added some comments to complain about this decision :

these are all impacts

9.and a few days later I got this :

they rewarded me with 150$

10. I also started complaining about this and told them that I accessed informations related to famous persons on russia but his answer was like :

still telling that it’s only a test db. I give him evidences that isn’t a test db.

11. telling me that MailRu and Legium has no relation :

read the title of

and here it’s the translation :

1.if there’s no relations about MailRu and Legium Why I got payed for S3 bucket “legium-data” that not belongs to Mailru.

2. and Why there was and

3. and why there’s that’s belongs to Mailru.

4.and If you are not parnters why you fixed the bugs, and Adding 403 to the admin panel before the triage.

5.let’s say that the ip isn’t belong to MailRu, Why I found it on

What the you think Guys, Am I wrong or the team ?



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